About Us

FLUX Live launched in 2000 when technology had proven to be a catalyst for change and no one knew what the future had in store. During this time we formed a brand dedicated to creating and capitalizing on the changes we experience everyday. In fact “Flux” is slang for fluctuate

  1. rise and fall irregularly in number or amount.
    So today whether the shift or change is the latest trend, an internet influencer, or a ground breaking piece of technology you can be sure FLUX Live Media will deliver the latest news and views. We also use our skills to consult businesses and brands to capitalize on change to stay in front of trends so they can improve their bottom line.

WATCHOur Founder and VP of Communications Jeremiah Stroup is a media personality and sought after event emcee in his own right. Beyond being a driving force for FLUX Live Media & Creative Services he is a respected consultant and contracted specialist for numerous businesses and brands. Discover his story at his official web page and see him in action. www.JeremiahStroup.com