Design week Portland FLUX Live fashion feature

Design week Portland FLUX Live fashion feature

Explore Design Week Portland with Flux Live

Inside Fashion Design Explored the Future Frontiers of Fashion at Design Week in Portland Oregon and Flux Live was there.
Home of global brands like Nike and Adidas Portland, Oregon is also establishing itself as a fashion innovator and incubator for emerging brands.

This special event was part of Design Week Portland and showcased design tools, creations, innovation, education and future technologies that are certain to enhance and empower designers, makers, and brands. Tasty nibbles, libations, and treats kept the crowd occupied while they mixed and mingled among an array of high-tech gadgets and intriguing apparel. The crowd included local innovators and creators as well as fashionista and style-seeks. FashioNXT founder and executive producer, Tito Chowdhury, and The Lifestylist Brandon Gaston could be found talking to less fashionable computer geeks or Intel engineers. Several models wearing designs created by featured designers and panelists maneuvered the space but unfortunately didn’t take the stage during the panel so guests could get a good look.

The highlight of the evening was a one-of-a-kind panel event featuring pioneers innovating in the space where fashion and technology intersect. Francis Bitonti, Billie Whitehouse, and Asher Levine were joined by moderator Dr. Todd S. Harple and co-moderator Jim Chi at this future-focused fashion event.

To learn more check out our video coverage featuring host Jeremiah Stroup and follow our links to the inspiring innovative icons and creators that gave us a glimpse of the tomorrow of design and fashion today.