Web Events: NEW Year – NEW You!

Web Events: NEW Year – NEW You!

Ready or not – 2019 is just around the corner. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Online or in person we’ve got two great events for you to check out as we kick off a brand new year!

This month premiers two great events to get you ready for the New Year and beyond. Let’s face it we all want to look and feel our best but how many of us can say we’ve got everything figured out? Very few would claim to have the perfect diet, skincare routine, workout plan, and wardrobe styling. As we step into a new year most of us are ready to take any help we can get. Of course, we are happy to get the reviews of trusted family members or friends but what we really want is some expert advice from someone who’s out there living their best life.

MIX Party!

Live 12/18/18 @ 7 PM

Get into the MIX at this fresh fun event. Learn about a new skincare solution and get some tips as we create a custom serum for a TV personality. [Update: the MIX PARTY was a huge success! Thanks for watching]

New Year + New You!

Live 12/29/18 @ 7 PM

This web event will feature 19 tips, solutions, and powerful products to make 2019 a success!

Flux Live is proud to offer some unique events that can give you insights into what people who are in the public eye a lot are using to put their best foot forward. This is more than just mindset we are talking about accessing the same brands A-listers like Sandra Bullock and Jenniffer Lopez use to give themselves the edge on and off the set.

Speaking of beautiful women with beautiful skin the first event you can tune into is a Mix Party hosted by Social Entrepreneur and media maker – Jeremiah Stroup. Whether you are a guy or a gal you are sure to learn a lot and get tips to help you look your best in the New Year. Jeremiah has been on Television since the age of 16, hosted countless red carpet events and galas and runs a substantial company on top of all that. His very special guest host for the night is the spunky journalist and TV personality –Nicole DeCosta. She’s on radio, or television about every week and actually met Jeremiah on the red carpet at a special event. the pair hit it off and have been collaborating ever since.

During a fresh and fun web event, they’ll highlight some incredible resources you can put in to play to unlock your star power for 2019. Now you can “Get into the Mix” and start the New Year off Right with this blogger inspired Mix Party + Web Event hosted by this dynamic duo. Inspired by well known Blogger Courtney Kerr (of Kerrently) and her Mix Party post – we are ready to Mix things up for the New Year!

See Her Full Article: Click here!

Nicole & Jeremiah will host the MIX PARTY on December 18th @ 7 PM

We are hosting our very own Mix Party to give you tips to making the most of the New Year and ideas to ensure that you look and feel your best for 2019. We will offer up some great tips and performance products and will highlight a brand new signature serum that you can customize based on your specific skin care needs. We will show you how you can Mix up to three of the five amplifiers to create your own signature serum for a lot less than a comparable product from a department store.

You might be asking yourself, “what’s a serum?” well it’s the hero product for most skincare regimes because it has the highest concentration of “the good stuff” also known as active ingredients that tend to give you the best results. Consider this new serum like the power tool you’ve added to your routine.

Nicole & Jeremiah have a ton of fun working together on and off camera.

We will also give you some of our top tips for looking and feeling our best whether we’re running to the grocery store or going on-air or on stage in front of a large audience. So whether you are looking for the ideal resolution solutions for optimum health, boosted energy levels or healthy skin we’ve got a lot to talk about during this fun event. And with this two we know it will be a very fun conversation.

WATCH FOR FREE: Steaming Live from 7- 8:15 PM You can watch from your computer or smartphone ( Smartphone users – just make sure you download the free Zoom US app beforehand so you are ready to go)

Some elite attendees will join us at the party as we stream live to the Worldwide Web. (Guest list now closed)

We will see you live Tuesday the 18th when we get into the mix!

The Next event New Year + New You; goes Live on December 29th at 7 PM and will feature 19 tips and solutions to make 2019 a success.

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New Year + New You = Success in 2019

Whether 2018 was a challenging year full of setbacks or it just lacked luster or you want to build on the accomplishments and breakthroughs you had this year we all want to make 2019 the best year of our lives so far.

Tune in to this special event and start the New Year off with style. Host Jeremiah Stroup will share 19 Tips, Solutions, and Powerful Products to make the most of 2019 and best of all there will be a special reward for those watching.

After over 20 years of working in media, events, and business Jeremiah will share some of the secrets and insider insights that have allowed him to look and feel his best.  This is more than just sound advice from a sought-after media personality he’s going to show you some of the power products and solutions that give him the competitive advantage along with a little inspiration for the new year.

So tune in and learn how you can make this coming year the best one yet.

This is an exclusive event so ask your industry contact for a link.